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Claire de Brunner, Bassoon



Macroscopia—Review snippets

“Although the bassoon hasn't figured largely in jazz history to date, an increasing number of able modern practitioners specializing in the large double reed woodwind seek to change that, including Sara Schoenbeck, and Katherine Young. Now, to that company, the name Claire de Brunner must be added: her agile playing is one of the strengths of this disc.”

All About Jazz, by John Sharpe


“Particularly because of the bassoon, the album assumes the role of a story-telling device, perhaps of silky un-tumultuous movement of weather or of the ocean. It is through the tone and color of this double-reed instrument that the idea of character is built…”

Jazz Times, by Lyn Horton

“As a big fan of the bassoon, it sounds great to hear someone soloing at the center of this unique quartet. Like Henry Cow's Lindsay Cooper, another great bassoonist, Claire de Brunner keeps that bassoon overflowing with ideas, an ongoing dialogue with the other members of this quartet.”

Downtown Music Gallery, by Bruce Lee Gallanter